Emptiness I guess?

I was with a girl awhile back we became friends, then fuck buddies. I ended falling for her and she told me she liked someone else, basically saying i wasn't good enough or mature enough for her. I said fine whatever, and since then i fucked another girl i met online, then i never talked to her again. Im on couple different dating sites, tinder, okcupid, and another one, so im on these sites, im talking to this one girl but i dont really feel like there's a connection there at all, i feel that with every girl i talk to, i don't feel attracted to anyone at all, i know im not gay, they all look and sound the same they are all doing the same thing that everyone else is doing. I was depressed for awhile after my friends with benefits told me what she thought, and after i found out she's dating another guy. But im over it because i don't care anymore


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  • we all get like that.. we meet someone we like.. he/she tells us they no likey us and then i guess its like this depression mood that takes over and no one will be greater then that person we like but thats where we bring out 'what doesn't kill u makes u stronger' or 'there are plenty of other fishes in the sea' and move on but just remember keep ur eyes open boy you never know when that next girl will pop in and surprise ya :)

    • But that's the thing i dont feel attracted to anyone, i talk to plenty of women but i just dont feel any connection both emotionally and physically

    • be patient my boy thats all :)

    • Everyone says that but i just don't care anymore

  • Stop having sex just because..
    Actually take time to get to know her and date her don't just have sex for fun that never turns out good..

    • My friends with benefits we talked almost 2 months b4 we had sex i liked her long b4 we had sex, the other girl was just a random thing to show im over my friends with benefits , i can take anywhere from a month to 3 months of just talking to someone b4 i have sex with them, but i was talking about i feel like i can't find any emotional connection with anyone, no body really gives me the butterflies anymore

    • Your expecting a feeling that your putting in your head like butterflies...
      You don't necessarily need to feel them.. as long as you know in your heart that you like them.

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