Should I give up and go back to talking to older men?

I'm shy and quiet too but guys my age have Never really been interested in dating me. Even if I initiate things, they just want to be friends! I have been approached by a guy my age but it's very rare, the majority are older men.

Guys my age hardly look twice, most stare but quickly turn their head away if caught. And when I try walking over to him so that he can talk to me, he acts like I don't exist. I'm not gonna say 'Hey I noticed you staring' but I do try to smile at the guy.

I dress pretty conservatively like barely show any skin except my hands and face and sometimes open toed shoes. Even in the Summer I cover up with jackets and stockings/tights if I wear a dress or skirt or shorts.
I have a petite frame so I feel like I'm too skinny. My friends who have thicker bodies get attention from guys our age.


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  • Older men, are you talking 25? 40? 60? If you want to go for someone your Dad's age OK; Grampa's, not so much.

    Not unusual for guys your age to be insecure in approaching women.

    • Lol my father is 64 so technically that's my limit

      Haha but no usually the age range is 21-25 even though I'm 20 right now it's getting higher like I have talked to men in their late 20s but after a while I couldn't go out with them anymore. They seem so judgmental

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    • Aww that's sweet.
      Yes that'd be great but I hardly find guys within a month's range of my birthday

    • Ok hopefully I find some one soon

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  • Giving up is not a valid reason to date someone else who's basically backup


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  • I have the same problem. I would love to go out with girls my age or younger but only older women are sexually attracted to me, weirdest thing.

    • Lol then let me guess they approach you

    • Yeah, well I approach them too, but I just seem to get through to somebody older than me. Whether I approached them or not, it's only te older ladies that want to bash my door down and do me.

  • Limiting yourself to old men isn't going to solve your problem. You're just seeing the wrong guys.


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  • Weigh the pros and cons then decide

  • Go for it, older guys are better

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