Why is America considered one of the greatest?

Why? is it really the greatest on earth? Is it because of you make it, you really make it?


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  • America was seen as the land of opportunity and the land of the free, so those with ambition were the ones that came here, and if you have ambition you will make great things.

    BUT, America benefit really well after both World Wars. America was one of the few developed countries that fought no war in their own soil (besides Pearl Harbor) so there was no destruction, therefore, nothing to rebuild and spend money on. The rest of the world had to build many of their cities and due to the huge loss of money caused by military, they asked America for loans.
    Yes, America went to war, and spent in military, but not as much as Europe did. So this also created an advantage for America.
    America is the king of capitalism, and the world runs by that. Many countries tried to play the same game but failed (Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal...).

    • America had the civil war and the depression but those happened a while ago...

    • @hypno-trip true, but I was referring to why America is today one of the greatest. After WW2, America became the most powerful country, mainly because of what I said.

    • right I'm agreeing. I'm just saying america wasn't always like that, before ww2 it had war and difficulties too, so it's just a contemporary situation and yea

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  • I know this is going to be terrible wording, but in all the times I've visited the United States, it never fails to meet the world's stupidest people.

    Just in this topic so far, here's what some Americans have to say:
    "But few have the freedome of speech"
    "Success breads jealousy."
    "If yiu dint live here than you don't understand the US."

    I don't mean America is riddled with uneducated people, but also people easy to trick and watch them flop around searching for things to say to keep up with an intelligent conversation. So tell an American they're great and they will run with it because being prideful is what America is all about - and I say that in a good way. No country has more pride than the US. I could go on about other countries generalized faults, but this is a US topic, so I'm sorry if it seems I'm picking on Americans.

    Just know that for those on the outside looking in, America is a disaster, no different than most only with different brands of problems. Just because America has "freedoms" doesn't mean they don't have a host of other problems that they seem to ignore.

    But know I'm no America-hater. Some of the most beautiful landscapes, funny and generous people who are easy to talk to... but by god their chocolate is horrible and it's really hard to read what they write most times trying to get through spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Aside from the that, one thing that we (those not in the US) observe is that the American government is the world's bully. Obama comes across as a decent fellow, but by and large the US government seems to push their people in to believing that their scare tactics and mowing over other countries is what makes them great. It's great when the bully gets what they want, but what about others?

    I think America has a lot of great things going on, but oh no, it's not the greatest. It would be wise for them to be a bit more humble to their neighbours around the world. That's just my opinion.


    • Sorry, under my quotes it should be:
      "But few have the freedome of speech" (my own spell checker caught that one LOL)

    • Sheesh... "speach" LOL

    • Their chocolate really is awful!

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  • Because... you can sit on your ass and collect a check to support that lifestyle, or you can try climbing the tallest academic mountain and help to contribute to humanity in ANY WAY you see fit OR you can lie, cheat, steal and kill to make a fortune.

    There is a significantly high amount of potential energy in this country.. all you have to do is find a way to tap into it.

  • I would ask the Japanese and the Chinese about that, they are the biggest creditors of the US.
    I would say the biggest strength of the US is the infinite diversity that makes is possible for all kind of people to achieve their dreams if they are determined enough. No wonder they call it the land of opportunities. The second is freedom of speech, to be able to form an opinion without the fear of getting prosecuted. The third is (as a fan of guns) the Second Amendment.

  • If you start a business in america and get just 1% of the market share that's $1 billion a year. So even though your chances of being successful in some other countries might be better, its unlikely you could make as much money as in America.
    Its the market everyone wants to tap into.

  • America is highly overrated. In fact it's been turning into a fascist state since the false flag that was 9/11. People are just too delusional because the word "freedom" keeps being repeated over and over again.

  • Dollar is the world reserve currency, america has better weapons than anybody, its democratic, and saved the Europeans in two world wars.
    I still think america is great. Just not for the reasons most Americans feel that way

    • Away and read a history book. America were just the reserves to swell the ranks in D-day. Russia saved Europe . The dollar was the only stable currency after ww2. That freak nixon done away with the gold standard in 73 and condemned the global markets to constant inflation. The dollars worth fuck all now coz the federal reserve keeps printing money. It's only paper and the price of goods and services are constantly going up. Quadafi wanted to trade in gold for his oil and that's why he was assassinated third party by the west. Americas only strong as long as people trade in her currency but people have lost faith in it after it was bailed out yet again in 2008. Paper money only works as long as people have faith in it. So Americas just a pipe dream. It only stays strong as long as people believe in the dollar

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    • No. Actually America didn't save Europeans from two world wars

    • To make the nazis fight on 2 fronts. The war swung our way after stalingrad, the bloodiest battle in human history. Brits won battle of Britain which kept uk out of nazi hands, that's why they invaded Russia. There were millions of brits, aussies, Canadians, Indians, kiwis etc at D-day storming the main beaches. Hollywood slaps their sacrifices in the face by trying to say it was all America. It's just bad propaganda. I've said before those with the big stick rule the roost. America knows this too. They have a final solution too and this is the only reason Russia never invaded in the cold war. Nuclear weapons. America can afford hundreds of billions in defense spending every year but it leaves it's citizens dying in front of well equipped hospitals. It's about what you've got in America not who you are. It looks like a hell hole from the outside

  • Because it is. Success breads jealousy.

    My parents emigrated from communist Romania to the US. Even with the fall of communism, no way that would have been possible. The damage was already done.

    They went from literally having nothing to living in suburbia, dog and picket fence included.

    The only thing I dislike is the entitlement attitude a lot of people have. People think they should just have everything handed to them.

    Work goddamn it

  • Why? The freedom to create wealth:


    Sadly, America is not as great as it used to be. "Hope and Change" turned out to be despair and change for the worse.

    • I agree, Hope and achange was a sham. Morons voted for it by the millions. They dont care because he had the skin color they wanted and they aren't going to pursue the Amrican dream anyway because they won't put the work into it that is required. Now they are pulling is all down.

  • Think of the US and other developed countries as an octopus that sticks its tentacles out to suck money and resources from other, weaker countries to make itself stronger.

    • Did it steal their computers too? How do you believe such communist nonsense?

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    • It is funny how you are saying that to a guy almost three times your age.

    • I'm a theoretical physicist who studies graduate level material so lol

  • Because it is the first nation founded on reason and logic, not founded by a military dictator, a royal, of even a theocrat.

    Our government and ideals won't even work for most other nations... we've seen that mimicking the Constitution is no guarantee of success elsewhere. We worked out well, not just because of our laws but because of who we were as a people.

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  • This is what Americans are told and brought up to think. But lol I'm not so sure this is true... Me and a friend had this conversation not long ago...
    Other countries are way more stricter on there laws and such.
    America has always been titled "free"...
    The land of opportunity & other bs I can't remember...
    But let's be honest the main thing we are free to do is run our damn mouth (freedom of speech) (& even that has its limits) which I don't think any country has that but us.
    I guess there are plenty of pros & cons about the U. S. When it comes down to it... The quality of people... I've met way more nicer, humble prouder people from other countries then here. Isn't that weird?

    I would say when you factor in the laws, the quality of people (not quantity) the governments/politics, the progress as a country, debt etc...
    I'm not so sure there is a country out there that is the greatest on earth...
    I'm sure other countries think they are the greatest as well!

    Just my opinion.

  • A lot of people posting seem to have a self delusion of grandeur. I'm okay with the love of your country, but to look down on another country when yours has just as much trouble whether it's debt, political groups, corruption, hazardous environments, slave labor, and etc. is pretty ludicrous.

    The self hating Americans always disturb me. Especially when they generalize Americans as lazy and uneducated. Please stop generalizing Americans based on people you surround yourself with, and what you do in your daily life. Take Cubans for example. They come to the State to escape the Castro regime yet I've never heard a Cuban disrespect their people. Maybe the government, but not the people in whole or the country no matter how bad they had it.

    Also I do travel and have seen, and read about the issues going on in most of the world. America isn't perfect but neither is any other country.

    I suggest doing your own research on why America is a super power instead of asking why it's considered the greatest. You get more info.

    Check out these links as well:
    transparency. org - for countries on corruption.
    nationaldebtclocks. org - shows national debt and GDP per country

  • I'm not sure. When I go over the main things I notice:
    - Homeless People
    - Ridiculous amount of cars
    - Massive gap between rich and wealthy

    Other than that, lovely people and sunshineee!

    I'm from the UK and visit California often

    • Plus its so weird you guys actually stand up at the end of class to salute America. Huh?
      In the UK we have a healthy dislike for politics which tends to add more democracy. We take the piss even out of the parties we vote for.

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    • Oh really? The muslim riots and attacks just popped up out of nowhere?

    • @Curmudgeon Muslim riots and attacks? A couple batshit crazy muslims isn't going to change a thing! Literally bullet proof. They can fuck off.
      Then there's the batshit crazy nationalists. Just spoilt victims.
      But I think every country has those. Its us sane and un-judgemental people to tell them to look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers.

  • Only the Americans think that, the rest of the world isn't quite as pro-america as the US thinks.

  • I just read an article on this written by a man from Portugal, he talked about how his colleagues are mostly fascinated with America because it took us 150 years to do what other countries took centuries to do. A bunch of farmers and militiamen established a decently functioning government that has since evolved relatively little and yet remained highly effective, we have 50 governments within that government acting almost as their own country and yet still happily united, and despite our young age we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world. People continue to emmigrate from all over the world, and because our culture began as a melting pot the newly arrived immigrants do nothing to radically change our culture, but rather spur its continual evolution. And of course, we're the land of opportunity, where everyone comes to make their $million$

  • America the greatest? HAHA you've got to be kidding me. America was one of the greatest countries, now it's China more.

  • because all the people who live there are fat. it has to be the greatest otherwise all those fat people would never fit.

  • Have ayes we're one of the richest and have some of the best education systems. That's really about it.
    Also because for some weird reason Americans complain about America, but then when we talk to foreigners they talk about how amazing it is so foreigners have a great (twisted) perception of how it actually is. So they assume it's amazing. Also because TV in foreign countries makes it seem like things are perfect here

  • Here in the UK we hate America. The only good thing America has done is the invention of poptarts and South Park

    • Really? The only good thing America has done? You don't recall anything America did for the UK that helped them be where they are right now? Nothing?

    • The tea party was nice

  • because there's freedom of a lot of things, unlike many other countries.

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