How do you do closed mouth kissing properly?

So I've never had a girlfriend and so the only kissing I've done has been with girls I've hooked up with, and when we kiss it's straight to open mouth and generally with tongues. I've had girls say I'm a good kisser, I'm not sure if I believe them, but I think I'm alright at it anyway, except I've got virtually no experience with closed mouth kissing and whenever I have done that it's just felt awkward/weird.

So now that I've explained why I'm asking... How do you do closed mouth kissing properly?
Anyone have an opinion?
Someone must know...
Anyone else have any advice on this?
Any other views?


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  • You just put your lips up to there's, pucker a little and hold it for a bit

    • I've done that, closed mouth lip touching, but it's never really felt all that good, whereas open feels quite nice to me, is there a technique to closed mouth kissing? Because apparently some girls prefer it and I can't see the attraction unless I'm not doing it right.

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    • Gee that doesn't sound nice.

    • Anyway, thanks for answering.

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