Do you think I should make a move?

In short i want to know how to make a girl interested and comfortable talking to me over chat? i tried a couple times before and never worked maybe i was being too blunt or too forward i asked the girls out after like 2 days of chatting with them and maybe that's what went wrong , should i do it slowly? i know her , she had a class with me abou 5 months ago and we talked a couple times she seemed kinda interested and would sometimes look at me, also i dont think she has a bf never seen her with one or talking/texting on her phone and judging from her facebook and posts maybe not , I don't know though... what's the best way to play it safe and keep her interested?


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  • Initiate contact with her.. Start texting her and asking questions about herself.. Learn her interests.. Initiate a conversation on whatever topic you like... Be friends at first..
    If she's interested she'll try to keep the convo going too.
    But don't go too fast cause you might scare her away..


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  • yes but try 2 b friends wth her 1st... and don't act hastily


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  • Be her friend for now.


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