Why does it mean when someone is angry at you?

I used to have contact with this guy and after 6 months i send him and other contacts an advertising text, he responded with no! and i said yes for fun, and he said need attention? i told him what who is this? i didn't know who it was untill i saw his photo... he then said yeaaa whatever you see my pic, good bye , try harder and he was like byeeeeee, and i texted him why he is so mean... he said he would be a friend to me even when i didn't want to sleep with him... he also used to call me lifeless and said i have no heart. He never responded to the text but he wrote his name on his status so that everyone knows it him... why is he so mean?


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  • Why do you care? He already showed he doesn't like you.


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  • Well if you test was as much an excrutiating read as this then he was probably very frustrated. Your sentence structure is awful and your "paragraph" is a tough read... hard to understand.

    Not being mean, just saying...


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