Girls, twice now I got the "Ill let you know when I know my schedule. Is she serious or just too committed to lying?

Long story short I asked her out last week after a conversation and she said she would let me know. Then she missed two classes because of a family emergency and after explaining that she said she'd let me know when she knows her schedule. Finals are the week after next and I am trying to get to know her before it is too late. Do I have a chance here or is she just really committed to not answering me?
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Anyone else wanna weigh in lol.


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  • This doesn't mean that she is committed to lying. She isn't interested and is probably not comfortable turning guys down because she feels bad. She's hoping you will take the hint and just stop asking. You should leave her alone. She is feeling awkward and trying to avoid you as much as possible considering you have to cross paths.

    • As much as you do seem to be correct. She did lie and she is sticking to it so I fail to see how her motives excuse that.

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    • Well, you have plenty of time to find a girl.

    • I sure hope so. I don't know why I wanted one so much a couple weeks ago, but I'm rather content now lol

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  • Dude you asked after she had a serious problem and right before dead week. Your timing is terrible. She might let you know if she finds time but I wouldn't be surprised if she just doesn't have any.

  • I always tell my boyfriend that I'll let him know my schedule because I juggle uni, visiting family and work all at once. It's not easy. Doesn't mean I'm not committed though.


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