Should I help her or not?

This guy was dating this girl and they had a child together but then broke up and he stared dating someone else he cheated on the girl with the mother of the child and left her to be with her this guy is a drug addict but both girls see him as an angel I try to tell both the truth but neither one listen he told them both lies and turned them into each other well again he left the mother to be with the other girl and this guy is trying to get back into my life because he wants to sleep with me and because I help him after he told everyone I bunch of trash about me I switch my number and block him out of my life I don't want negatively around me well he came back knocking on my door the other day and I saw him through the cameras and I didn't open the door I try to tell he's now girlfriend what happen and that I have proof but she called me a liar and didn't believe me should I give her the video and keep trying to help her realize she's too much for him or should I just let her get hurt again on her own.


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  • Forget her, nothing you do is clearly going to change her mind. As she is too stupid to open her eyes. Avoid that whole crew at all costs.

    • I wanna show her the video but even like that she's going to say it's not him.

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  • You've already told her. You've done your part. Whether or not to listen is her decision.

    Do what you think is right, show her the video and she decides not to listen, let her be.. (Or ask her to go to your house and when the guy comes knocking at your door)

    • He posted on Facebook that I'm spreading rumors about him and trying to ruin everything for him for that she can keep that piece of shit i want positive people in my life i hate drama all i did was to be nice.

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  • you know I just told my friend that the single mom life is her life and she herself placed herself in this position

    • Exactly, she gave up the right to be selfish when she became a mother

    • True i wanna show her the video and be done with this I'm tired of this guy he used me once he will never do it again i dont give second chances and he did me wrong big time but that's aside of the fact that i know well enough to tell you he's using that girl and brain washing her.

    • Fuck off kid ink

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