A.I.M trouble?

Well I was texting one of my guy friends and he told me to go on aim; the thing is he friends with the guy I like lets call him bill. and lets call my guy friend jerry. so jerry says go on aim. so I do. and this is my conversation

jerry: hey

me: jerry?

jerry: no close

jerry: guess

me: uhhh I don't know

jerry: bill from your 1st hour.

me: oh hi

(i was kinda happy)

jerry: whats upp?

me: not much.

jerry: ok bill went home its jerry again so whats upp???

ok so the thing is they knew I liked bill.

but that was so long ago.

why do you think he did that?

do you think jerry still thinks I like bill?

or could it be because he wanted to know how I would react for some reason?

please help(:

I do like bill they just don't know it ;)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Get the truth from "Jerry"

    IF it really was L"Bill" on the other end of the computer, then, they've probably got you figured, and are either playing with you, or Bill likes you back.

    If it was Jerry, then he has figured you out, and you should pull a suitably mean prank on him for revenge. He could have seen that you like him now, or he's just messing with your earlier emotions.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, maybe "Bill" likes you!?!

    And they wanted to see if you'd spill anything as to you liking "Bill".

    Because, guys are stupid, and probably think you still like him. Even though, you do.