Guys, erase him or noxt off fb. he added me so he could just blow me off all week?

spoke for a few weeks on tinder. went on one date. kissed him after a 4 hr date. he looks like my ex so i got a bit needy and clingy. and weird. oh well. i think he had another girl he liked who he added on Monday. i added him on Saturday. he said he was really busy for the next week and has ignored all my msgs.

so it pisses me off that the weirdo couldnt just wait two days to lock down the other girl, and just not add me, unmatch me on tinder. because now its awkward and its all ambiguous.

can i erase him now? or does it show that i care? he added me on FB just so he could blow me off all week. thats really rude. if you're not interested thats fine.


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  • Haha, retroactive complaints are the best.

    • its lame.

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    • "But let's not..." Now you're speaking my language, sounds great!

    • who are you? why are you trolling my post? if you dgaf, leave. easy. LOL... funny shit. man

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  • If you want to.


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  • erase him and forget him... simple..:-)


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