Ask a guy to grab coffee?

I have been texting with this guy, not a lot, just average.. initiation ratio is like 6:4 (me:him)!
We are in the same class, we talk mostly when there is no one around, i feel like that's what he wants to do, perhaps because he is sort of shy...(btw, what does that mean?)
2 days ago, after class, he asked what i was gonna do i said nothing important. then he said: " i am following u"
We took a walk for around 45 mins or so then he went to class. During the walk, we talked and laughed..
last night we texted a bit again..
Today, we didn't talk much while working on the project bcoz there were people and later his friends came.. before leaving the classroom, he said: " bye, i'll text you tonight" i replied: "yeah sure!!"
He is coming to school to work on stuff (which is like 5 mins walk from my house),
if he does texts tonight, should i ask something like: "let me know if u wanna grab a snack on that day?" and what would guy generally think of this?



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  • No don't say that. Say grab a cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat. How do you not know what shy means?


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  • "grab a coffee" is okay. "grab a snack" is weird, you should say "grab a bit to eat"

  • Hey! wanna grab a bite to eat? <- Try that line instead.


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