I think he likes me, but I'm not entirely sure?

Hey guys! So if any of you have seen my past two questions, you'd know that I have a huge crush on a Japanese guy (from Japan, he's not American) in one of my classes. He and I have been getting along pretty well lately. Last month, I finally worked up the courage to ask him to have coffee with me after class, and he said yes. It went really well, and when I teased him about the coffee waking him up (he's usually tired in class), he said the coffee worked, but talking to me also helped. We also always walk and talk together after class. The first few times, I casually asked him if he wanted to walk with me, but now, he's the one offering to go with me. We have pleasant conversations (talking and laughing), he complimented my dress the other day, and he remembers almost everything I say to him, even stuff I told him weeks ago. I think he's interested in me, but I'm not entirely sure. Any tips on what to do next, or how to hang out with him outside of school? The spring semester is almost over, and I really want to make something happen soon.


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  • I would say he likes you. Get his number (unless you already have it) and add flirty texts to the equation. Keep flirting with him more and asking him to hang out and do fun things together.

    • We have each other's numbers, but he's not much of a texter. He seems to prefer face to face communication :)

    • Same with the guy I am into! He is weird about messaging. I'm starting to realize a good handful of guys are like that. I say go for it!

    • Guys in general are pretty awful at texting haha!

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