Should I Cancel The Date Or Be Optimistic?

Lol... The big guy up there must not like me. It seems like everytime I go on a date... something happens (weather wise)

1. Last year, I had a date scheduled and the temp went to 115 degrees... so we cancelled.

2. Last year, I had a scheduled a date and we had a tornado... so we cancelled

3. This year, I had a date planned and we had an ice storm so we cancelled

-This year, today, I made at date and now it's raining/thunder/lightning (the funny thing is... it wasn't supposed to rain today and it was sunny all week -_-). It is supposed to slow down later on and just rain. The girl asked me if I was good to drive in this weather and I said I am. She still seems down to go... but should I cancell because of the rain? We were planning on getting coffee and just walking through the college campus at night (it's almost like a park setting at night). I am trying to be optimistic about this. We can still take a walk, use an umbrella, snuggle up under the umbrella and walk around after coffee. OR should I just cancel this date?

With the first three girls I went out with (dates 1-3), we could never reschedule because we all got very busy with work and school. Should I cancel this date as well? Or would walking through the rain (granted it's still raining in an hour) be romantic?

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It was a good date.


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  • Go for it! Kissing in the rain is every girls dream haha. But seriously, I love rainy weather and if she still wants to go out then I don't think you should cancel.

    • She didn't say "Hey, let's cancel"... so perhaps that is a good sign. But... this is a first date, so I doubt she would want to kiss in the rain XD.

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    • It was as good date. NO KISSING (I didn't even try... lol). When I tried to kiss girls in the past on the first date, they would get pissed or offeneded and stop talking to me. We did get pizza though, we went for a walk, talked, held hands, and I put my arm around her waist and laid my hand on her stomach as we walked and she reciprocated. Then... I drove her back to her place, walked her to her apartment, set up another date for next Friday and left.

    • Awesome! I bet you are glad you didn't cancel haha! :)

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  • Dont be stupid, go on that date. She wants to go so you go.


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  • Maybe she'll prove to be the one because she weathered the storm. Literally. Lol. Besides, a little rain never hurt anybody. Forget the umbrellas. Dance in the rain. Kiss in the rain. Heck, love in the rain.

  • Take the plunge! Worst case scenario, it was a bad date and you leave with a funny story and more experience.


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