Do you think a 15 year old freshman and a 19 senior that is suppose to be out of school should date?

I met him bc he told me i was beautiful. Since then we have been talking for a while. His mom says im like a daughter she never had bc she has 6 sons. He take ne to football games and we play basketball together


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  • You'd have to be pretty secretive with a sexual relationship, which is expected since he is older and a boy, because if things turned sour there are many tragic outcomes.
    If you guys ever did any PDA it's raise suspicion and if you got caught having sex or allegations arose, it would not only ruin his life but yours too. Is it that meaningful to risk the rest of both of ya'lls lives? And if you two ended badly before legal age in your state, your mom could turn around and accuse him and no matter how many times you said you wanted him, its still statutory rape.

    Can you have feelings and a relationship? Yeah, but have you thought about other things too. Like college? Wheres he going to college? If he's close, great but if not then :/ chances of staying afloat are less likely. Even if he stays, those college girls are fully developed and damn well tempting. Are you ready to get hurt if he slips up at a party? You still have 3 more years of high school while he has 3 years of college, free roaming it. If he's not going to college, no judgement but reevaluate make sure its a healthy relationship for you. Enlisting in the military? Bless him but are you emotionally prepared as a 15 year old for him to go off for months at a time?

    there's A LOT to think about besides the sexual aspect. I'm not accusing him of anything, but I know hella senior boys and college boys who flirt just to flirt and maybe get a friends with benefits relationship going. He may be looking to take a virginity.

    DO NOT bend yourself to shape to him, ya get me? If its meant to be, its going to be.


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  • 19 year old could get in big trouble, so I'd say no. Also, aside from sex, what would a 19 y/o want with a 15 y/o? Assuming this 19 y/o is the boy, and you're the 15 y/o going by your age on here. Sounds like trouble to me.

    • Well we met at school and he has asked me before if i would have sex with him and i said no but he respects my decision

    • But he asked you for sex pretty early on it sounds like. I'm just saying I wouldn't get my hopes up. I'm sure you're a wonderful young lady, but if he were to get impatient and move on then it'd be for the best. It wouldn't be you, it'd be him being 19 and horny.

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