I would really appreciate the advice 😆?

I really want to start the conversation with this guy but I'm feel really nervous and embarrassed about it I don't even know where to start. Can someone give me a little advice? Would you think its weird if a girl you didn't know that well messaged you. He added me on Facebook a few days ago but never said anything so I don't know how to approach it I never done it before.


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  • Ask him how is day was. Do you know him outside of facebook?

    • We are from the same area but we only know each other to see and usually he just stares at me and doesn't say anything. So I am a little confused I don't want to put myself out there and him knock me back.

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    • No its 3 o clock in the morning here haha I don't want to wake him up he definitely won't like he then.

    • Oh haha its only 9 Pm by me

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  • I would feel flattered.

  • Yes if he added you on Facebook than I would say it wouldn't be weird to add him
    if he didn't message you that might be good sign that he's not trying just to have a good time

  • I suggest you talk about something you have in common


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