Did he make me ask him out, or it just seemsed like it?

So this guy i like we are sorta friends and I told him if he wanted to join and watch some movies and cooking him dinner and he said no because he doesn't want to because it seemed like a favor, so he told me to ask again and say it if I really mean it and want to.
So I said, " would you like to have a dinner and a movie, I will cook for you" and he said yes and smiled.
We won't be alone two of our friends will be with us as well, I told him that before I started over.
He went out his way to make sure I had a special early bday and he had to rush because he found out 3 days before my actual day... That's why I offered cooking him dinner


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  • Well played to him. That was clever.

    • Haha yeah I was really shocked, I was really nervous but still went for it

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