Do you ever wonder if your SO "settled" on you?

So this question is for guys and girls who are in committed relationships. Do you ever wonder the person you're with think they are socially above you and settled on you thinking you were a safe bet? I know not something you probably even want to think about but I'm just curious because I'm always hearing from the other side talking about what it's like settling. I'm curious about what it's like for the people who are being settled on.


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  • well the problem is that most people believe they are more attractive than they actually are, and when told they are sexy/pretty/handsome by their SO over time confidence grows as well so does boredom from commitment. Basically they eventually believe they can do better and its not often true. Most people generally think they are settling because most people think they are entitled and should be rewarded by life.

  • I'm fairly certain he could do much better than me.

    • In what ways? Maybe what you see other people have you think you don't have is something that he actually likes about you and doesn't like about them. The things you think he values in women might be different then what he actually values in women. After all, he chose you over them.

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    • You both settled. Or you both dated socially upwards if you want to think of it that way ;)

    • Lmao he's the son of a lawyer. I'm the daughter of a butcher... only one of us is dating socially upward haha

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