Do guys go through the trouble of setting contact pictures in their phones for girls who are just their friends?

One of my guy friends took a sneaky pic of me the other day and I asked him why. He claims of was because he needed a contact pic, but we've known each other for 3 years, I would think he would have taken one by now if that was his true intention. I noticed he started typing really fast after he took the pic. Im sure this guy friend doesn't like me, but I think one of his friends might, I'm not sure.


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  • I do, but I just use a picture they they posted on facebook or instagram.

    I'd also just use a picture from facebook or instagram if I was trying to show a picture of her to someone. I mean, come on, people in general are just a bunch of fucking selfie-whores these days anyway. Who ~doesn't~ have several dozen pictures of themselves floating freely around the internet?

    I mean, unless I was secretly trying to take a picture of her ass. That's about the only reason I can think of that I'd try to take a sneaky picture.


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  • Yes, many do.


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