How to know if the girl likes you?

I've been going out with this girl for a couple of months. I must say that I am quite attracted to her but I'm not really sure it can be said the same about her.

Initially I was the one who always initiate the meet up but now it's abit of both ways.

There was a couple of times when I wanted to express myself to her but some of the stories that she is telling me is always putting me off. E. g. Not ready for RS, do not have someone that she really like, and the worse of all she is telling me how the other friends are actually after her (although she doesn't thinks that they are after her -.-) <- oh come on! Seriously?
P. s initially I just didn't feel a thing when I heard the stories but I think a little jealousy is starting to creep in.

She is not like the other gals that I've dated before, no interest in money, and very contented with her life, just a very simple lady. (Well I'm into those which is of quite high maintenance kind, girls like her hm... Maybe ten years ago?)
To put it simply, we are really in a different league altogether.

Meeting her tomorrow... Should I tell her that I'm actually very attracted to her or should I just grab her hands or maybe I should just shut up and see how?

For once in a very very very long while... I'm lost... Can anyone actually give some constructive opinions?

Thanks. ;)


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  • In my opinion, You should tell her how you feel in your heart. Then maybe she will understand and tell you her reasons. If you really love her you will understand.
    I hope this is helpful.
    Good luck.


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