Dated many women, but no sex?

I've dated around 7 women, in the last 5 years, had a relationship of a year. None of this girl, have had sex with me, I am not a virgin, Does my life sucks? I'm good looking, I've been told, work out, have a batchelor degree, I have madeout with all 7 but no sex, it's pozzling me if my life sucks. Anyone in the same boat as me?
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  • All I'm reading is me, myself & I
    thus who would want to give sex to you
    when you offer nothing to them?
    Make a change & change your luck dude


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What Girls Said 1

  • If you have dated someone over a year and you are past 20 then maybe you should initiate it.. like make out, lean her over, and take off her shirt...


What Guys Said 3

  • You are pathetic. A woman tried to make me wait more then 2 months for sex and I dumped her sorry ass. Sex is a part of life. There is NO FUCKING way that I would wait a year for sex and not get it. Next time, get the hell out of there. Dump their sorry asses.

    • Ah, she "tried to make you wait." As if it was a punishment and infliction upon you. You were gracing her with your presence and interest, so therefore she owes you sex, right? There are no "sorry asses" in the scenario you've given, only those with different behavior and values. That's it. Find someone who has a similar approach to life.

    • "You were gracing her with your presence and interest, so therefore she owes you sex, right? " It is not owed to me but I expect it. I can get it elsewhere.

  • I don't think your life sucks. At least when you do sleep with one of these females, it'll be someone that you value and values your time. Stay positive. I hope this helps.

  • I've also never had sex, but I have never dated either, I'm too shy :(((

    • I'm sorry men.

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    • get help. you need it. no offense.

    • I'm trying, but no one wants to help me :(

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