I am so sick and tired of meeting hypocritical feminists?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend and need to know am I just being bitter? It seems every other feminist I meet fights for equality then says "you have to pay for this date". She tells me I can't define her as a woman but then she defines me as a man, as a gentleman, who is suppose to hold doors open and be masculine. She fights for women's body positivity but then expects me to go to the gym. She says she wants an educated man, when the vast majority of men don't go to college, but claims she is independant.

I have my own degree but men had to historically marry down. She can't seem to fathom marrying down. However, she took the driver seat and expects me to meet her bar which she has placed very high. It is like she is saying "I am independant but want to be taken care of". I can't tell her to wear makeup but she wants me to wear a suit. She advocates for more women and stem careers and expects me to listen to her speak about this, when women are RADICALLY outpacing men in college, in general. She talks about the pay gap but then expects me to pay for dinner and not split the bill.

Am I just being bitter about breaking up with my girlfriend? I could not deal with it anymore.


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  • I think it's fair to say that your girlfriend was hypocritical.

    I don't think it's fair to pain feminists as a whole with that brush.

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    • progress. But AGAIN, this is about people in general, not feminists in particular.

      TheAtlantic: These are the same stats as talked about in the Forbes article.

      So, the biggest problem here is that you're holding feminists responsible for the attitudes of women in general. Here are some more statistics: www.huffingtonpost.com/.../...-poll_n_3094917.html

      "According to the survey, just 20 percent of Americans -- including 23 percent of women and 16 percent of men -- consider themselves feminists. Another 8 percent consider themselves anti-feminists, while 63 percent said they are neither."

      So, you can't take a poll of women in general and then blame feminists for holding these views. Most women do not consider themselves feminists.

    • I guess it seems like most women do when the media shoves female agendas down my throat everyday. I guess my perception has been warped that most women would be feminists

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  • So one girl is now all of a sudden a representative of a social movement supported by millions around the world. Cool.

    But on a serious note, I don't think you are bitter. It sounds like she has issues and you didn't deserve that. She took you for granted and sounds like a lot of work. I wouldn't put up with a guy who treats me like that either. I think you did the right thing to leave. Good luck to the guy who she ends up with :)

  • Well your ex sounds like a total bitch...

  • Yawn... 😏😏😴😴😴😴

    • Thank you for your opinion or yawn

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  • I would move on from her in a heart beat. Women like that are just trying to turn you into something you're not. A pussyfied man who bows down to women. She wants you to basically obey her orders. A relationship should never be like that. I personally believe it should be 50/50. I won't even get started on how I feel about feminism. But you get the point. Move on and find a better woman who's willing to meet you half wayang who will listen! Good luck.

  • I gotta say, I don't think your ex's issue was that she was feminist. She just sounds like a woman who didn't know what the hell she wanted, and you bore the brunt of it.

    Just be careful not to blame all women for your ex's craziness. That won't get you anything good in life, man.

  • Maybe you are bitter. Maybe not. But, regardless, you are right. Feminists are hypocrites. Feminism is not about equality.

    Feminism is the belief that men collectively oppress women collectively. One could theoretically hold that belief while also advocating genuine equality. But, actually, only very, very few feminists do.

  • Lesson learned - do not date feminists. Because none of them actually are feminists.

  • Why do you guys even mess with these women? Just avoid them unless you are looking for a hookup.

  • It doesn't have to do with feminism; your ex was just a bad girlfriend.


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