Is this considered a date?

I went with a girl to the park on a Friday night and it was just the two of us. Anyways, it was raining but she still came to the park. We spent about 3.5 hours together hiking through the woods and played for a short while on a playground as it was just the two of us in the park. Around 10 pm is when we left the park, but before that I insisted that we go to a restaurant even though we both were soaking wet. She could not as she had a sick relative and she even called this relative, but she could not go to the restaurant. Anyways, we hugged twice at the end of the evening. Also, this is the first time we actually saw each other outside of school. We had a class a while back, but we do not see each other at school. She is also not in my circle of friends and I am not in her circle of friends. Also, she said she would love to smoke pot and also watch the stars on a dry day. Is this considered a date?


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