Is this guy into me or was he freaked out by my age?

started talking to this guy today at work and he stayed for 20 min talking to me. He was helping me with my computer but then we just talked about other things. Exchanged numbers and i sent my name so that he'd have my contact after he left. then he texted back saying, "it was nice talking, you should get a drink, i know i am;)" so I said sure wanna join me? he came and met me for another like 10 min but he's 29 and i told him I was 20 so I'm worried he thinks I'm too young for him now. because I asked what he was doing later since it was Friday and he said he was probably working late.. should I text him tomorrow?


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  • This sounds like a guy that hates to make the first move for fear of being shot down... may even talk long b/c others have had enough of that and it's about himself mostly.
    So thinking - forget the age diff, it's not in play here
    He might be self involved but can't tell this early on
    IF you want more face time with him, you'll have to do more of the same... the inviting, the cooking up things to do, etc. and I'm betting he'll eagerly tag along until confident his invites won't be stiffarmed.
    Yes, this potential geek IS working late - typical


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