Really good date plans? Give me ideas?

There's a guy I like, he arranged for us to go to the beach; then said he's leaving the next 'date' up to me to plan.
Drinks are out of the question as there's nowhere that's mutually close for us to go for both of us to get a taxi home...
Anyway, any ideas appreciated?


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  • Well, what's close to you guys? The beach was a great idea, so how about a hike in a park or sitting in a park where you guys can hang out and talk. You can try and ride the swings (if you guys still fit) :-) do the merry go round or fun stuff you would normally say "hell no" to. It would be random at least.

    Doing something outdoors, where you're not distracted (movie, busy restaurant, etc) allows you to really get to know more about one another and it's also fun. The time passes by really quickly and I've had the most fun on dates when it's been something like that.

    You could also do the silly bumper cars/boats and putt putt, if there's one in your area, and even a water park can be kind of neat if you haven't been to one or at least not in a long time.

    Do something random, but something where you have more access to talking. Movies don't let you do that and dinner is kind of formal and you have to worry about him watching you with your mouth open and full of food. ;-)

    Have fun and he'll enjoy whatever you choose.


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