How to propose a girl for prom?

Well I have a big crush on this girl. She isn't flirty with other guys but she acts natural when we are together.
She and I are very good friends. We talk, we do many things together and we always have fun.
How to propose her so that she acceps it.
I will take pics but won't share until she says so.
I don't think she will allow to post them online on this site.


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    • But make it one of those life size bears

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    • She called me to her house saying that she had to say something about what I had done.
      When I came to her house she first came towards me. I personally thought she was going to slap me
      but she kissed me and not only agreed to go the prom with me but also said that she loved me too.
      We are now not only going to the prom together but we are now also boyfriend-girlfriend.
      She said it was very romantic for me to place the life sized teddy bear in her room along with the balloons.
      Thanks For your idea without it I could not have become her boyfriend.
      My name is Michael and her name is Rachell by the way.
      Thanks a lot.

    • I told Rachell about your idea.
      She said thanks to you to but said to me not to share the pic's of the bear cause it is a secret which only she, her mother and I know.

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  • Just be direct, tell her exactly what you want, and keep it simple. The more you think and try to make it as romantic as you can, it usually backfires and blow up in your face.

  • don't waste your time.

  • Just walk up to her and ask her, "Will you go to the prom with me?" It's that simple. If she likes you, she'll accept.


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