Ex kept fondling his wife in front of me?

We were involved a few years back, never sexually involved, just deeply emotionally connected until his ex who cheated decided to come back, they get married (good for them) and have been doing well. I know her and him, and she has no idea we had a thing. Today was the first time I see them in person and he kept touching her face and hair and just touching her in lovey dovey ways. I don't care, I'm in a committed relationship and he knows that, but I just found the whole interaction quite odd.


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  • He was touching his own wife, what's so strange about that? Do you not touch your SO when you are dating? To be honest judging by the fact you are asking this, it sounds like you're secretly still a little jealous.

    • I actually don't do PDA at all. I don't like to make anyone else watch it. I'm not jealous, I love my SO dearly. I just found the whole exchange uncomfortable. Why would you put a friend through that awkwardness ya know? I would never do that to him, but because I don't want him to feel any sort of way about it.

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    • That was what I was thinking as well. I guess some people just enjoy it quite a bit.

    • I guess it depends on the culture you are part of. Where I come from it's not so much a matter of whether or not you enjoy doing it, it's just a thing that happens and nobody really cares because it's normal.

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  • If he's doing it aware that you're watching, he's getting off on it OR he's trying to mask any attention he's given to you so his wife won't notice. It's like a slight of hand move to distract her so she won't notice any residual chemistry or tension between you two... pretty smooth!


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  • simply he doesn't care more about u i assume...

    • Good for him. I just don't really care much to partake in PDA or watch it lol. I never fondle my partner like that in public haha. Like fuck before you get there.

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