What are some good opening lines to use on tinder?

So I finally downloaded tinder to see how it'd work compared to pof and okcupid and I've gotten a few matches but nothing really came from it yet so I'm wondering what are some good opening lines when messaging a match on there?

The reason why okcupid and pof haven't been too hard is because most people have info about them as opposed to tinder where they don't have any info about them.

So what are your best openers that you send?


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  • Start a conversation about something on her profile.

    • I'm talking about when they have nothing on their profile.

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    • Yeah but keep in mind, most people on tinder have empty profiles as the app is more geared for hookups since it's pictures only for the most part. I agree with what you say though, I think that applies more to people on pof and okcupid with people who have nothing on their profile or just say ask and that makes it tough because they give you nothing to work with. All that leaves you to ask is very generic questions like hey what's up or what do you do for fun and chances are those kinds of questions won't get responses. It's funny because those people act like you're boring if you can't come up with something intriguing to say to them but they're the boring ones.

    • Ok, I didn't know it's a hookup site. I would start off by asking favorite positions or fetishes then. Skip the small talk.

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  • Stand out from the rest !! Something that makes them laugh


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  • "My penis is big and your mouth is willing."



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