What happened? can someone please try to figure out what is going on?

so i saw this really attractive guy at school. the first time i even saw him was because my friend told me to turn around because he had been staring at me for the last couple of minutes. i turned around and was shocked. he was really attractive and i was definitely interested. about 3 weeks went by and my other friend introduced us. we were at home and texted for a couple hours. he was pretty nice and even flirted. he acted clueless about knowing who i was even though i had a profile picture and i had caught him looking at me several times at school. he tried to impress me but hey i was pretty impressed already. i really liked his personality. he said he really wanted to meet me and so the next day we talked really quickly then went to class. we talked everyday for the next 2 weeks. he really opened up to me about things that only a few people knew about him. he is also very quiet and doesn't trust many people so i was happy that he was opening up to me. sadly this week he sorta stopped talking to me. we only talked a little and it was all pretty fast. he's pretty busy and stressed but i still dont get. can someone please help me? it's really upsetting me because i like him. we have also stayed up and texted overnight a couple times. he even told me that he ignores other girls. i was pretty much the only one. i dont really think he has someone now.
it's weird because i also thought he lost interest but whenever we do talk he seems interested and he and his friends are always watching me at school


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