Girls, I was really nervous and couldnt talk much around her friends... Is it as bad as I think it is, and what should I do next?

So there's this girl I've started dating with (met online), it's only been two weeks. The first two dates went well, she texted me after both dates telling me she had a good time, we kissed at the end of the second.
For the third date, we were a bit busy she so I invited her to go shopping for an hour. On the morning, she told me one of her friends wasn't feeling very well, so she changed plans and invited me to go along with two of her friends (including that friend not feeling too well) for some shopping at another place for two hours. To be honest I was really nervous at this idea, I just started to get to know her, and it felt like a test or something.
Anyway, met with her, quick peck on the lips, and then joined with her two (girl) friends. I don't think it showed too much, but I was a complete bundle of nerves! I smiled a lot, tried to ask a few questions, but did not really know what to say, not wanting to give a bad impression.
We ate lunch together, and they were chatting away like best friends. I did utter some words here and there, but I was sooo nervous to say something stupid/awkward so ended up mostly just smiling and listening.
Later while shopping, we split up briefly and I stayed with the girl I'm dating, and she made the remark that I wasn't talking much. I laughed, a bit embarrassed, told her to give it some time, telling her I wanted to make a good impression on her friends (and I know they have been talking about me). I'm afraid she's going to think less of me : she was very outspoken while I was extremely quiet, not my usual self. When parting ways, I gave her a quick peck on the lips while holding her waist in front of her friends, and exchanged the usual "nice meeting you" with her friends.

I'm going to ask her out on a 4th date this week, but I really feel like I blew my chances... What should I do if she invites me to hang out with her friends again next week? Decline? I'd prefer to focus on her rather having to worry about making friends with her friends yet... Well I have first to see if she will accept another date...


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  • I think you did just fine. it's normal to close when meeting bunch of new people and you guys just started dating, that is honestly all really fast. I wouldn't sweat it. I think she wanted you to be that great person you are infront of her, so that her friends could see you like that. But it takes time to be comfortable around someone and that is normal. You are yet just getting comfortable around her. I think she like you and if you ask on next day it will be fine. You're overthinking it. You know what? You actually were yourself cause in that moment you felt like being closed and that is ok. I can relate to that. I am big extrovert but in some situations, often when meetin new people I am reserved. It's my natural reaction until I meet that people and get comfortable around them then I'm my jolly self...

  • ask her out! she probably likes you and understands you uncomfortableness

    • Yes I will definitely ask her out of course. But what about if she invites me with her friends again? I'm worried if it goes the same way then I'll be out, I know she previously dated her best friend for two years, so she probably expect her boyfriend to be part of her close circle of friends, and I don't feel comfortable for that just yet. But what if I decline? She might see this as a red flag and lose all interest in that case too... either way I'm in a bad position if that happens.

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    • Yep, she dumped me. I'm a fucking idiot.

    • You aren't an idiot it wasn't your fault it's hers she's probably missing out on a really great guy

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