If you said something wrong to someone you like and they ended up avoiding you?

If you ask someone you like out, and they ended up avoiding you. What would you do?
That happened to me.
What would you do though?


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  • Cry somewhere so no one could see me.


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  • Aww no you didn't, you are very brave to put your feelings out there. Maybe she is just feeling awkward and is choosing avoidance as her coping method. Did she ever give you hints she may like you?

    • Ah, she stares a lot at my work and compliments me a lot. But I'm not sure if that's a hint or not.
      She asks me lots of questions and I sometimes do her art homework for her.

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    • That just might work!
      I would rather her a friend again.

    • I think it will because then she will think "did he ask me out or was I jumping to conclusions" and then she will feel silly. At the very least she will be confused lol

  • What did you say?

    • Well we were friends for for like 2 months, and I asked her out. Then she avoided me, she probably doesn't want to say no to me. So she avoids me.

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    • You mean well that I can see ^__^
      I'm afraid of her response that's all.

    • A girl I was talking to and I somehow she must have picked up on that I had this crush on her and she stopped talking and hasn't spoken since (I thought we were friends and cool like that, like she would be like you silly and laugh it off) but it didn't happen like that, she seems to hate me on site, avoids me like the plague. I know what you mean

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