Should I go overseas for a partner?

Well I have a friend who is a bit quiet like myself and he went over to another country and actually met a woman that was interested in him. He told me they are easier to talk to and not feminists as much. He is getting married to her soon.
He met her in Hong Kong. And before you say gold digger or something she actually has more money than him. Hong Kong also is not a 3rd world country before people start saying that.

Now I wondered if I should do something similar myself. I live in Australia and I don't have much luck here. I am a bit of a quiet person. Only had 3 people ever ask me out and they were men 0_o. sigh.

So I am thinking maybe I should do a similar thing that he did. He told me that they won't mind my quiet personality since they are a little similar.

This is me here.
postimg. org/image/skeui5yuh/

I think I might do it. I am already 23 and I don't see any women here liking me so I should just try as many things as I can.


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  • I've had both genders suggest I try the overseas thing too but from what I hear, there's still plenty of women exploiting the system in other countries as well. So unless you really have a fetish-like attraction to a certain race I really wouldn't go that far.

    • Fetish? lol. So if you are white and prefer another race it's a fetish? But if your preferred race is white then it's not a fetish. k. Cool.

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    • I was going to give you an answer since I have experience in this area, but your attitude responding to @Theguyoverthere demonstrates why you're alone: you're a disgusting excuse for a man. I wouldn't wish you on any woman in the world.

    • Well you will keep posting which is clear (posting is your life of course). You can think whatever you want. You clearly have up until this point. Keep your posts up on here also. Nice life, lol. Experienced alright.

      Keep reading your GAG articles for your world views. lolz hahahaha. See ya.

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