I accidentally said something really wrong, and I need help apologising?

I'm suicidal and when I get into a bad spot, I'm never myself.
To explain that to people who haven't experienced it, its like my depression and misery take over me and control my thoughts and actions. I can't actually see what I'm doing or saying until someone snaps me out of it.

Well, that happened last night.

I was kinda hysterical and I was begging my boyfriend to distract me so I wouldn't feel suicidal. But I hadn't realised I was already really depressed, and accidentally told him to stop me from killing myself.
He's normally a patient person, but he lot his temper and me and snapped me out of it.

I've apologised over and over again, and he understands why I said all that and that I didn't want to pressure him like that.
But, I still don't feel like it's enough.

Can anyone give me some advice to help show him I'm truly sorry? I don't want to feel guilty about It anymore, so I want to really show him I mean it when I say I'm sorry.


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  • Since he understands, I don't think there's much else you can do. Don't make this into a bigger deal than it already is. If he has accepted your apology already, then there's no point in trying to do something else. It would be over the top. If you want to be cute, you could bake him some cookies or something out of appreciation, but like I said... since he understands and if he already has accepted your apology, it would be redundant to keep apologizing.


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  • Hey just slow down take a deep breath relax life isn't easy all the time never blame yourself first never blame someone else take time to thunk bout the cause

  • Touch his dick and hell know you care about him


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