Does this Tinder girl want a date or not?

So we're matched in Tinder, we did few talking and then I ask her what she's gonna do today. She said she will be going to a concert tonight, she invited me to come.

And then I joked saying that I am gonna come just to see her. She then said that she will be busy photographing the bands during the sets (it's her hobby). What does that mean? This made me wonder if she's gonna be with me if I come. What should I do? Should I just ask her if she will spend time with me?


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  • she's gonna cut her time in half, 50/50, 50 on photos, 50 with you.

    • Lol is this serious answer?

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    • hey is it a good idea if I ask her if she's not gonna be busy the whole time? Just to make sure.

    • i would honestly just assume thats what she meant. worst case scenario, she is bust the entire time and only spend very little to no time with you at all, which is rude and you now know a bit more about her.

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  • women on pretty much any dating site are flakey. they have no idea what they want or if they even want to date or just lead you on.

  • She was probably being honest - she won't have time to devote a lot of time to you.

    • Then why did she even invite?

    • Maybe she wants to know if you're interested, but still wants to fulfill her hobby goals.

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