Why is this guy hot and cold? Does he like me or am I overreacting?

I've been seeing this guy for just under two months and everything at the beginning was fine, we got on well, he made me laugh, he compliments me all the time and tells me how he sees himself with me in the future in a relationship, wants to go travelling with me and tells me that he cares about me. We have slept together already however he has still be kind and thoughtful, making me dinner and breakfast and buying me cute things now and again. However I stayed at his yesterday and after he made me breakfast his mood started to change, I accidentally knocked a drink over and he got really angry about it even when I said I was sorry and offered to help, eventually laughing about it after but was worried how much he overreacted. Other things later in the day made me think he wasn't as bothered all of a sudden, he kept teasing me in the sense that he was calling me names and been less touchy than usual. He said he didn't want to go out because he thought he looked fat even though he didn't and said that sometimes he felt a bit depressed. Sometimes he would say things like "your really grumpy or say comments mean comments about only to say after I'm joking and that I sometimes take things too seriously, which I think I don't but it's hard to read him. Cutting the story short I said he seemed very bipolar that day, hot and cold, he agreed saying he had been a d**k and did say sorry but I didn't feel he meant it. I said I was off out that night and he jokingly said that I better not go with anyone else cause it would bother him, even though he knows I wouldn't. I do really like him and want something to come of it but I don't want to fall for him if he ends up being another asshole. Is it me overacting? Does he actually like me? Or am I wasting my time? shall I see how things go?


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  • You are wasting your time. Who needs his shit? Stay with him if you want to be miserable. If you want to be happy dump his ass and date someone who is consistently nice.

  • It is tough to ever truly know what is best until after the fact. His personality does seem a little off from your description, and he may be hiding a lot of things by use of his off-humor.

    I think your best bet is to "slow play" the relationship. Another words, don't let it progress too fast. Lower the tempo a tad, keep it going but buy some time. Often times as things drag out, "truth" has a way of making a dazzling appearance. Let more of life have a shot at him, and see how he responds to it.


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