Is this shady or am I over-analyzing?

I was good friends with this person back in high school about 4 years ago. We did end up having crushes on each other but for whatever reason, it just never worked out and due to growing up and what not, we grew apart and haven't really spoken for like 2 years.

We ran into each other recently and began to be friendly again. He's been saying stuff about how important I always was to him and that he's changed and all this other stuff, which I thought was weird because he gave up on our "relationship" (whatever you want to call it) really quickly so I wasn't expecting that at all. He then went on to say, "I think I've been with enough girls to know that when I still think of you it means something." I assume he meant that as a compliment but I didn't take it that way. Like, you dated all these other girls, apparently, and now you think about telling me? And furthermore, if that's true, he's thinking about some other girl while in a relationship with someone else?

What do you guys think?

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  • I don't like guys that sleep around thinking that their girl will be waiting for them. Sounded dhady to me.


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  • Hmmm... this is kind of difficult. However, it sounds to me that he still considers you as someone he'd like to possibly be in a relationship with. However, its not really easy to tell since he's not exactly being upfront about anything. Honestly, I'd wait it out. Also, do you still have feelings for him or do you just want to be friends/acquaintances?

  • I don't see no shade


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