So... Do you think she's dating other people?

Met this girl online, had two dates with her. Texting her after the second date, I let the word "girlfriend" slip through without realizing, and she immediately follows up with telling me she's not ready to be exclusive. I say sure no worries we only met twice anyway, discussion ends. I still chat with some girls online and go on first dates even though it's her I'm interested in the most, and I can see that she is online too sometimes, so I guess she does the same. Fast forward a few days, I invite her to a third date, but she changes plans on the morning and I end up meeting two of her (girl) friends. I peck her on the lips while holding her waist in front of her friends before going home.
I really did NOT expect to meet her friends so early especially after the quick discussion we had about exclusivity. And I felt a bit bad to be dating other girls, I had another date planned in the evening but cancelled it because I wasn't feeling it anymore. Do you think she actually goes on dates with other guys? I mean we kissed in front of her friends, she's not going to kiss three different guys in front of them in two weeks right? I'm pretty sure she talks to other guys though or at least scrolls through profiles.


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  • yes. if youve already went on two dates and she gets on the site still for any reason she is seeing other people. all the girls I've dated on the sites deleted their profile after they were serious about going on a date with me.

    • Well, it seems you're right, I tried to reach her twice and no response. I guess I've fallen behind the other contenders... What a way to start the week...

    • Yep she dumped me, I feel like shit. Asked a few other related questions on here. It's curious how girls are very optimistic and always wrong about this kind of things, and how guys like you know what's going on. Makes you wonder if you should ever listen to girls opinion...

    • yeah that sucks man but its for the best. most women dont know anything about themselves including their own behavior so thats why its hard to get good answers about womens behviour from women on here.

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