How to regain contact with her?

Three months ago I wen to a pub with two girls, one of which is a very good friend and the other I just knew thanks to the internship. The one I barely knew somehow had an interest in me, didn't pay much attention to it or notice it untill my friend told me about it. So that girl tagged along for the night. It was amazing needless to say. The following three months we talked, went out for dinners, walks, watched movies together, got her gifts etc etc. Everything looked great, we enjoyed each others company and had fun.

Then three weeks ago she asked me how I felt about her, so I told her how I truly felt. Which is that I love her. She then decided that it would be better to stop talking to each other. So we said our goodbye's, I told her that I would miss her and vice versa.

Now it has been three weeks since we've seen or spoken to each other, and I miss her. How do I get in contact with her again?


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  • WtF?

    She cut contact once you told her you loved her but you hope there's a chance?

    I get that you fell for her but, man, she seems to have spelled it out for you here.

    If I were you, I would just move on, guy; because at this point what you'll be doing, most would consider begging.

  • If anything, give it more like 3 months,
    Try to move on, see how you feel in August/September...
    Let things settle, I am not saying it's a good idea, just give it a lot more time


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