Why IS he calling me?

Most questions I see are "Why doesn't he call me?" type questions. But, mine is asking "Why is he calling me?".

In a nutshell, met this guy on a dating site. We emailed, talked a few times and decided to meet. We hit it off - good conversation, laughing - we had a great time.

He asks me out again (for the very next night). Again, good times... which led to having sex at his place. (I'm a grown woman - I knew what I was getting into).

Ok, so he doesn't call me back. He just disappeared. I called once and sent him one e-mail. After that, I moved on. I was totally ok with just hooking up with this guy.

Today, after about 2 months, I get a text message from him saying Hello and he's apologizing for his behavior.

This guy was cool and I was totally ok with the hooking up. And I accepted his disappearance. I've never had this happen to me before, nor have I heard of one person calling back other after such a long time.

What gives? What could this guy possibly be thinking? Why is he calling back after 2 months? Help!


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  • My guess is that he was more interested in another woman. But that didn't work out...


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree with Atomizerjr, he might have been seeing someone else as well. Maybe that arrangement didn't pan out so he wants to pursue something with you

    In addition, maybe there wasn't someone else, but during his 'hiatus' he thought about you. Perhaps he regretted not pursuing it further and is hoping for another shot.

    Those are a couple of possibilities.

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