I'm talking to this girl, should I continue going after her or should I look elsewhere?

After a 2 year long hiatus from dating and presueing a relationship I felt it was time to go back out there. The day before my bus trip to Nor Cal I went to the tide pools to meditate and I discovered a secret beach and a girl. We talked for hours on end having all these long deep conversations. She lives kinda near me but goes to school far awayish but she'll be back in May. We text and talk on the phone and I like her a lot. I just can't tell if she's that into me at all, this is the first time the steaks have been higher for me for a while and I don't know I can't tell if she's falling for me or not. Should I continue on, just take it slow and be patient or is this only a fools errand? I don't know what to do in this situation help !


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  • If you text back and forth for too long without making an indication of your intentions, she'll start to lose interest regardless. You should just hang out with her again in a fun, casual situation and see what happens. Not making a move is only going to frustrate you and may potentially put you in the friend zone (if you're not already in it).


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  • Has she shown any signs of liking you

    • I don't know she's hard to read and we've only met in person that one time and now we just text and talk. She's kinda shy and introverted like I am but when it comes to these kinds of things I'm not so much haha

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