Is he trying to make me jealous?

There is this guy who seems to really likes me. I think he genuinely likes me because he told me he gets shy and nervous around me. He's normally a confident and flirty guy. He's very gentleman and it's complicated between us because we have a few misunderstanding. I tried to back off a few times because he did things that upset me. We agree to be just friends because he said he didn't want to disappoint me. We hang out once as friends and he was a little nervous. He pick me up and pay for dinner. I offered to pay him back but he refused. Anyway, I told him I think being friends is a good idea as I don't think he meet the boyfriend standards. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek when I left. All was good but today I saw that he posted a pic of him with a girl on his viber. I know its not his gf because he doesn't have one. I'm just wondering if he's trying to get a reaction from me?


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  • So wait, let's recap: you agreed to FRIENDSHIP because he's not "boyfriend standards" but you care about what he's doing with his time?

    Did I miss something?


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