Thinking of getting more "intimate" with my boyfriend?

So I've been thinking that I want to become more intimate with my boyfriend. I haven't had much experience with the physical aspects of dating and I basically want him to be my "first" if you know what I mean :) We've been together for a year and I trust him more than I've trusted any other guy before. He's broken down my walls and consistently proven that he's trustworthy and willing to wait for me when I'm ready to :) At first I intended on waiting until marriage but I'm nineteen years old and I feel like it's normal for girls my age to experience these things. On the other hand I don't want to regret my decision ten years down the line. Life can be unpredictable and no one knows how long people remain together (regardless of how well things are going right now). I guess I'm just wondering if you regretted your first time or if it was what you hoped it would be? Do you think it's a good idea to wait until marriage?

Please be diplomatic because I'm already confused enough as it is, lol :) Thanks for your insight!!


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  • Well, in my opinion, marriage is just false security, as if things don't work out, you'll just divorce, so linking the pact to "legality" of sexual activity is somewhat unnecessary. I think you should do what you think is right when it feels right, rather than bind it to bureaucracy.

    • Thanks for honesty and for answering my question :)

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  • Do what feels right to you. if you trust your bf and feel confident arround him then yes! just start slow and dont be scared. the best thing is to talk about it with your bf about getting more intiminate...
    then you both can decide if you want to wait till marrige or not :)

    • Thanks for your help :) Your advice is really helpful and I think I'm gonna decide against it for now but I still think it's important to talk to him about it like your mentioned :)

    • its all just for your best :)

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  • You are an adult you can do whatever you want. Do not expect something great and special from your first time it is just an experience nothing more.

    • Thanks :) I'll keep that in mind if that's what I decide to do :)

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