Do you think the having a wingman/wingwoman actually works?

is it just for getting laid or for those looking for relationships too?
  • yes. it works.
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  • no. doesn't work.
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I'm not asking for advice. another curiosity question.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It is hands down the greatest weapon in a pick up. Think about it, one guy rocks up at a club and starts chatting to women... it will make him look like a tool. Come in though as two friends like they having fun? Who u going to be more attracted to. A wingman builds social proof and you bounce conversations off each other. The most devastating wing man is a hot wing lady. If I guy went out with a really hot friend.., women will take note. If I had the time and money, I would love to hire a supermodel to come with me on the night, and use her as a wing lady. I am very confident I would get loads of numbers and from pretty girls.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I have a wingman and a wingwoman and they help in my relationship a lot. Sometimes I get gift ideas, updates on how she is feeling, date reminders, all that good stuff. They are very helpful (well the wingwoman more than the wingman) and they have made my relationship a lot easier. They give good advice and I do think it works.

    • how does she know how your gf is feeling? they're friends too?

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    • ok, and what do you do for wingwoman?

    • Like what do I do in return? I usually help her with her relationship, give her advice. The wingwoman is a mutual friend of my SO and I.

  • pffft nah

    i'd rather some chicken wings basically

  • It works only for them, because they are the ones that end up hooking up with someone while you go home alone again.

  • Only works in the sense that they tell me I'm being flirted with.

  • It works. Social validation.


What Girls Said 1

  • I personally think that a wingman or wingwoman makes the other person look desperate. A real woman or gent will go for it him or herself! Besides that it can also be dangerous.. what if the person likes your wingwoman more than you? lol... better go for it alone or make sure your wingman or wingwoman is ugly as fuck lol

    • lol, I don't want to do this, I think it's more for people who go to bars/clubs, I just see it in movies A LOT and was curious if people really do it that often.

    • I am sure they do! but it is dangerous.. because you bring competition with you!

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