The way you kiss?

Hello guys! So I've been hanging out with this boy, we are in the same uni course and we have a lot of fun talking together and everything is great, we kissed multiple times but I'm still confused. How do I do it? I've never kissed anyone before, and strangely I wasn't nervous at all when he first leaned in, I feel like he's very good at it because even when he uses tongue (almost every time) it feels good and not weird at all, but how do I know if the way I kiss feels good? He always comes back for more and the kisses last for a really long time, so that could be a good sign, but I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some tips! I feel like asking him if he likes it would put him in an uncomfortable position and I have no idea on how to find out discreetely if he likes it! Thank you so much for answering :)


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  • Just let it go
    Like a flow
    The first time I've kissed the girl told me"you're awesome"
    And i had no idea what I'm doing lolz
    So watch some movies scenes that contains kissing and here you go:-D


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