Have you ever stopped talking on someone? And what's the reason?

I stopped talking to her because if she really wants to talk to me, she will initiate a contact.


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  • Wow, is that the go with you man?


    I stopped talking to most of the people in my high school and only kept 3 as extremely close friends. Why did I stop talking to the others? I lost all contact or didn't bother to grab contacts off of them. I rather quality over quantity


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  • i stopped talking 2 SOME1 from GAG recently

    *cough* *cough*


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  • I stopped talking to him because I was sick and tired of him getting bent out of shape if I 'reacted' to something. For the most part, I am laid back but if I didn't like something he said and reacted, he got all huffy, like he didn't want to deal with it. I felt disrespected and like I didn't matter. The fact he BLEW me off the next day over it just reinforced what I knew all along, he never cared.

  • I stop talking to people once conversations become seldom and repetitive. If we don't hang out frequently, I'll lose touch over time. I like to keep my circle of compadres to a minimum.


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