This guy was interested in me, now he isn't interested?

I am kinda confused. This guy basically put it out there that he liked me. He would say I am "gorgeous" and what not. He is very protective of me, and his best friend is my best friend too, and she kept telling me how much he would talk about me, and say how much he liked me, and he would date me, and I am so gorgeous, etc. My friend is not the type that lies, so I know she is not lying about him being interested. However, my friend said he said I was "out of his league", and so I was drunk, but I asked him if he was attracted to me lol, and he said "Sara, you are really pretty."

So, I tried to kiss him, but he kissed me on the lips, but it was a peck. He was saying that he is really a reserved, and he was saying I don't show my feelings like how he is, he said that every girl he's been with approached him, and went after him because he's too reserved of whatever. Well, I was drunk, but I told him I had a crush on him, and I think he's cute, and I was complimenting him, but he wasn't going for it. He just kept hugging me, and kissin me on my cheek. So, why is it that he is supposedly interested in me, then I basically was throwing myself at him, not storngly, but enough, but he wasn't going for it. So why is that? He is always telling my friend how much he likes me, and wants to date me, but yet when I kinda threw myself at him, he didn't go for it? He acts like we are just friends basically. It doesn't make any sense.


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  • Maybe he was afraid you were just throwing yourself at him because you were drunk, and not because you really like him. He either didn't wanna take advantage of the situation, or was afraid if he'd go for it, things would be awkward once you're sober again and don't want him anymore.

    I'd say you need to talk to him about what happened when you're sober. Make it clear that you really have a crush on him, and it wasn't just the alcohol.


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  • Maybe he is scared to get to close to you


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