My boyfriends coworker?

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he has this coworker that i feel likes him.. Everytime he comes home and tells me about work she is mentioned.. i went to get something from his car while he was working one day andshe asked him who i was and why he gave me his keys like if it's. her buisness. then another day my bf was talking in the way back of the store with his manager she is a cashier she's not supposed to leave the front of the store.. she eavesdropped on the convo between them and found him later to whisper somethings about the convo and about another boss that's sleeping with one of the girl employees.. like again what does it matter what the boss is doing.. then when i went to visit him when she was there he stayed talking to her while i was shopping and the whole time she was giving me dirty looks.. yet one day when she wasn't there he walked around with me while i shopped the entire time.. am i over thinking it or does she like him and what should i do


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  • Don't worry, jealousy is healthy, it only means that you care about him. That said, it's his life and it's not exactly your business what he does with other people. If you trust him you will know that nothing will come of it.


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  • Hey Anonymous!

    Chances are she either likes him but has a habit of being insecure, needy and a gossiper, or she is envious because your amazing catch of a boyfriend is out of her reach. Maybe even a combination of all options.

    I think it would pay you to wait a bit longer until she cracks, because, the truth in the matter is: my money is on the inkling that she will. Or her habits will become more obvious to him that either he will begin to think she's being 'too much' or 'creeped out' or such feelings to that effect.

    My question to you is:
    Is your special guy affected by this? Does he even have an awareness it's happening? Are you scared he will leave you for her?

    Don't bring her actions to his attention yet, she will highly likely make the first behavioural move, however, if you are feeling concerned you need not feel that way if you and your guy have had a great close bond during these last 4 years, which... these days is longer than the average lifespan of a modern marriage! If by chance you and your guy have had rocky or distant occasions but becoming more frequent (from his end rather than yours) then that could become a red flag that he is contemplating 'things'. If you and your guy are trusting and open communicators, share with him how you feel but make this the last resort solution. If he loves you, you've got nothing to fear...

    Feel free to reply to my questions or let me know anything that transpires.


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