Why can't I attract white guys?

Im a black young girl. And i have been interested in white guys since I don't know lol... And i haven't even had the slightest interest in black guys. I have white guy friends but i dont think they are attracted to me. And all my friends and black guys always say i talk like a white chick


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  • Hey, Your not alone I'm also a young black girl who is more attracted to white guys then black guys. The color of your skin and the way you act or talk should never determine whether a white guy is going to be attracted to you or not. If a white guy truly accepts you for who you are he will look past the skin, race, and cultural difference. Also, don't categorize yourself as a person who acts more "black" or acts more "white" there is no specific way a black or white girl should or has to act. People always tell me that I talk more "white" to but I don't think I talk white or black because I prefer not to place myself under any sterotype. Don't be in a relationship with a white guy who makes you feel ashamed or uncomfortable to be black. EMBRACE your blackness and who your no matter what! An interracial relationship means despite skin, race, and cultural difference you can look past that and love each other not just for outer appearance but what's inside as well! Also, one more thing don't listen to the negative things people might have to say because it does NOT matter!!! I hope this helped and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask :)


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  • Everyone has their own 'type' that they like. Genetics typically make it so that it's someone who looks similar to you (same race) but as you prove it's not always the case.

    I wouldn't worry about it, you've just got slightly unusual tastes :) you'll find white guys who prefer black girls.

  • This is a good place to start.


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  • Are you dark or light skin? It doesn't matter if you act like a white girl your still black

    • Im light skin

    • Then u will have no problem getting a nice good looking white guy

    • Thanks hey:) xx

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