Does he really like me?

My boyfriend and I have been together today for 7 months. It has been going really well, but the only thing that isn't going so well is him making the plans. Say the first 3 times he was the one who suggested things or to hang out since then I've been the one who says " wanna hang out " want to eat dinner, movie, whatever,... etc) he has always said yes to that and always tolled me that he had fun- and we do. I am now tired of asking him constantly to meet up so i left it and didn't ask him this weekend but he hasn't suggested anything at all so i haven't seen him the entire weekend. We also dont see eachother during the week so it really depens on those fridays, saturdays... i asked him why he doesn't want to meet he just said of course i want to see you but i won't be fun being around since im sick... ( he could have tolled me that earlier, if i didn't ask him he wouldn't have said anything) he has also never said " i love you " though i understand its hard for a guy, but 7 months together is quiet along time? should i be worried or not?
Can anyone help me with that question


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  • He didn't say i love you and he becomes your boyfriend. Hmm.. interesting.


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