Guys, What do I do? My boyfriend of 5 months (officially) has a crazy girl who won't ex leave us alone. At my breaking point?

From the beginning; for a year he saw this girl that he worked with in a friends with benefits arrangement. He told her several times he wasn't interested in a relationship with her yet she continued to always come over to his house uninvited, cook for him, clean etc. so he ended it but she didn't believe him and became worse. After he tried ending it she befriended all his friends and his family without asking him and got her best friend- which is one of the guys his brother is close to, to move on with them (he lives with his brother) so she could have an excuse to always be over. She literally forced herself into his life.

Now he fully cutt her off last year and started talking to me. Taking me on dates etc. I who had just met him one night at a bar had no idea who she was or anything for the first 7 months of seeing each other casually. He started by befriending me. The whole time, this girl who I had never met was calling him 24/7 telling him that I was using him and I was seeing another guy who was in a relationship and so many awful things about me to him while he was still getting to know me. On the side she was spreading rumors about me to our mutual friends saying I stole her boyfriend and stalking me actively on all my social media writing things about me.

I found out about this 6 months ago after being told by several people various rumors they heard about me slitting around and him paying all my expenses (I'm still a virgin and pay everything myself). So I confronted him because she was also at that point saying they are in love and he was cheating.. Also not true.

This week she took to social media to talk shit about me. He confronted her and she said she would stop, only to resume a minute later now slamming him too. I told him to cutt her off because I am at my limit, block her number etc if he wanted to stay with me. And he did telling her to contact someone else if it was for work.

Now she is saying on social media I used witchcraft to steal him. LOL
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  • Cooking for him? Cleaning for him? That means he's letting her in his house. Dump his ass. The problem isn't her. It's him.


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  • Curb stomp a bitch.

    Everyone has an ex that they're not too proud of. Sounds like a restraining order might be needed.

  • Honestly don't know what you should do but one thing I do know. These bitches crazy mane

  • It sounds like she loves him and is a women scorned... Well you know. To her, you are stealing her man. is he a keeper? If yes, stay with it. If not, he may not be worth the trouble.

  • "slitting around"? Maybe he should get a restraining order. This gal sounds crazy and psycho!


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