Should I stop talking to him?

I have been talking to this guy for a good while now, and some weeks ago he had become distance and I did not know why, we will still text each other but it wasn't like it was when we first talk. I found out from our mutual friend that he is not sure if he's ready for a relationship or just be friends, because of his past relationship with his mother of his child. So when she told me that she said just be patience. So I was been patience with him and he never anything to me about what she told me. Last week or week beofore that, I texted him asking if he wanted to hang out and that me and him need to talk to face to face about everything and he said yes and he was texting more like he was excited that about the whole thing. The day we were suppose to be hang out he text me and say his nephew is having emergency surgery is on his way to the hospital which is hour away. So me and him never had the chance hang out that day which is understand. So Thursday I texted him saying " Hey, I know you have a lot of things going on in your life and I understand that, but from my end I have to know if you are still interested in and taking things slow, I have to know where we stand with all of this. He reply back saying "picking up my son, so let me get at you later. So when he said he was going to get of hold of me later I thought later that night which he did not. I know he has his son on the weekend but I still thought he would have said something. A day later text him after I got off work and asking if he was up and he never replies. Yesterday he finally text me saying " Hey sorry, when do you get off of work, and I told him I do not get off of work until 11 and responded and he said bummer I'll be sleeping by then. I text back back hours later since I was at work telling him to call me before I go into work tommrrow because I do not get off untill 11pm that night he never replied back because he was sleeping. So today it is 1:56pm and he still hasn't call


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  • I didn't read the whole description, but if you are doubting if you should stop talking to him. It an indicator the you SHOULD STOP TALKING TO HIM!


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  • Do u have baby's?

    • I do not have any kids, I have dated man with a child before it is hard but it life you know.

    • My advice to u is to forget about this guy n look for someone without a past bc you deserve better! I can tell that ur a great woman willing to love kids that are not yours. I always date older guys even if it is 2 years or 5 or 8 years older than me. Some guys are not ready to move on n they stay stuck in their past (sorry 😔) you deserve better! I'm teling you this based on my experiences. There's a book called "love n respect" read it if you can is great n it would help you. I love that book 👌

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